LAPaD under a New Head

Starting July 2016, Prof. José Fernando Rodrigues Jr. is taking over the leadership of LAPaD as a new head.

A New Post-Doc Fellow and Two New Collaborators join LAPaD

Profs. Pablo Andretta Jaskowiak (our former pos-doc fellow), from Federal University of Santa Catarina, and Bruno Brandoli Machado, from Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul, have joined LAPaD as new collaborators. Dr. Douglas Cedrim Oliveira has also joined LAPaD as a post-doc fellow under a CNPq scholarship.

CNPq post-poctoral scholarship available

A CNPq scholarship is available at Jr. post-doctoral level (R$4100/month) in the area of unsupervised and/or semi-supervised data mining methods/applications (e.g. clustering, outlier detection and/or classification). Highly skilled candidates holding a strong publication track record in these areas are invited to apply by sending a CV to Prof. Ricardo Campello.

Prof. Joerg Sander (University of Alberta) visiting LAPaD from May 01st to June 30th

Our long term collaborator, Prof Jörg Sander from the University of Alberta, Canada, will be visiting LAPaD for 2 months, from May 1st to June 30th 2016.

Prof. José Fernando Rodrigues Junior joins LAPaD

Prof. José Fernando Rodrigues Junior is joining LAPaD. In addition, Prof. Francisco Aparecido Rodrigues has upgraded from collaborator to a permanent member. Welcome to the team folks!

Pablo Andretta Jaskowiak successfully finished his PhD

He successfully defended his thesis “On the evaluation of clustering results: measures, ensembles, and gene expression data analysis” on November 27th under the supervision of Prof. Ricardo J. G. B. Campello and Prof. Ivan G. Costa.

Luiz Fernando Sommaggio Coletta successfully finished his PhD

He successfully defended his thesis “Abordagens para combinar classificadores e agrupadores em problemas de classificação” on November 23th, under the supervision of Prof. Eduardo R. Hruschka.

Dr. Arthur Zimek (University of Munich) will be visiting LAPaD from Nov. 24th to Dec 09th

Our long term collaborator, Dr. Arthur Zimek from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), Germany, will be visiting LAPaD from Nov. 24th to Dec 09th. He will give a talk entitled "Ensembles for Unsupervised Outlier Detection: Challenges and Solutions" on Wednesday 25th, starting at 2pm, in the internal auditorium ("Luiz Antonio Fávaro" - Room 4111).

Jadson Castro Gertrudes passed the doctoral candidacy exam and is going for a PhD sandwich year abroad

He successfully defended his candidacy thesis entitled “Semi-supervised clustering approaches with applications in Medicinal Chemistry”. Next week he will fly overseas to spend a PhD sandwich year at the University of Alberta, Canada.


Fernando Soares successfully finished his capstone project level 1 (1s sem. 2015)

He successfully defended his capstone project entitled “Ferramenta de Visualização para Algoritmos de Agrupamento” today, under the supervision of Prof. Ricardo Campello.  Congratulations Fernando!